Cold water surfing in Britain

My surf photography centres on 'cold water surfing'. Largely because it's what's on my doorstep, living in the UK. But to be honest, I'm not sure I'd trade the hand I've been dealt for the warm-water surfing stereotype, anyway.

Yorkshire might not be the surfing capital of the world - or even Britain, for that matter - but when the stars align, we get some world-class waves. And there's nowhere else quite like Yorkshire. Changeable conditions coalesce with a diverse natural landscape, offering endless opportunities to create unique and dramatic images.

There's more to photography than just being in the right place at the right time to capture these moments, though. I use light, mood, and depth to create compelling images that tell stories and provoke thoughts and feelings that invite you to experience the moment vicariously.

I'm a passionate creative whose life has been heavily influenced by surfing, and hope my photography enables surfers and non-surfers alike to get a taste of what surfing in Yorkshire is like - without even having to dip a toe in the frigid North Sea.

This selection of shots focuses on my homeland, Yorkshire. Featuring cameos from a handful of international surfing hotspots, including Hawaii and France. No prizes for guessing which shots those are.

My surf photography portfolio

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