Surround Yourself with Positive People: A Photoshoot with Joey 'Bare Knuckle Barber' Hinds

This is Joe. Joe is a boxer, a barber, but above all else, a family man. 

I love working with Joe because I always end our time together feeling more inspired and motivated than when we started. 

We share a relationship that I only have with a handful of other people. One where we have so much to say that we end up talking over each other and frequently change subject before finishing our sentences. We both know it’s not poor manners, though - we just have so much that we need to say to each other!

We’ve know each other for a long time; we went school together. But we may as well not have, as it bears no relation on our friendship - we may as well have met in our late 20s - aside from the odd nostalgic conversation about what mutual school acquaintances are up to nowadays. 

At school we were in different friendship groups and had totally different interests. We merely coexisted in the same place, at the same time. In fact, I recon we’ve probably said more words to each other in the last year, than we did in the whole five years we spent at secondary school together. 

Even now, on the face of it, me and Joe are vastly different. Yet we effortlessly find common ground in our individual passions. That, and we share an insatiable thirst to understand and experience life as deeply as possible, as well as a mutual aspiration to do what we do to the best of our ability. 

Every time we work together I’m reminded of the importance of surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring people, because those qualities are contagious. The fact that their passion(s) are different is irrelevant, because these qualities transcends what they do; they permeate are facet of your being .

This weekend, we were up early - first at the gym, in fact - to shoot one of his gruelling boxing workouts, for some social media content.

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