Clifton CC & York Cycleworks TT: Wheldrake

On 28 June 2018, whilst the majority of the country were sat watching a bunch of rich men kick a bag of air around a rectangle area of grass, I was stood at the side of the road shooting cyclists (not like that; with a camera).  

Note: I don't mean this description of football to be derogatory to those who enjoy watching or playing it. Us humans are weird creatures, and I often find it fascinating to break things down to their simplest form and question why we're so attracted to the things we are.  I mean, take cycling: a bunch of people roll around on some weird metal/carbon shapes as quickly as possible, whilst inflicting as much pain as possible to themselves, and therefore their rivals.  See, weird!  It doesn't make much more sense when you look at these lines we've drawn in the sand and call 'countries'.  And the fact that we compete against these other countries in almost everything we do, in an effort to show that the place we happened to be born (through no choice of our own) is the best.

Anyway, it was almost as if I had unfinished business as I retuned Wheldrake, after shooting the last Clifton CC/York Cycleworks TT only a month or so ago.  As it happened, I didn't.  In fact, different scenery would probably have been preferable, but it just so happened I was free to shoot on an evening which coincided with an event I had shot previously.  Despite my yearning for fresh surroundings, after careful analysis of the course on Google Maps and a subsequent driven lap of the course, I found myself settling on the same little village as last time: Thorganby.  After some precarious parking, off the course route, I decided I'd take the opportunity to play with the evenings golden light which was already casting deep shadows. 

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