Sri Lanka Stories: Day 10 - Unawatuna to Hikkaduwa

We were sad to be leaving our hotel in Unawatuna.  Over the course of the three days we’d kind of grown attached to it.  It was just the right size; big enough to have good facilities, but small enough not to feel really commercial.  The staff and restaurant were also particularly likeable.  The bar staff were so friendly they were letting us have breakfast for free... Or so we thought, anyway.  It wasn’t until our last day, after pouring over the top "thank yous" at the staff for the last two days, that I realised we had pre-paid breakfast - they probably just put it down to us Brits being overly polite.  Nevertheless, they were very friendly and the food was strong.

Hikkaduwa was our last destination before heading home.  It didn’t sound like there was anywhere near as much to do as in the opening days of our trip, so we were looking forward to more relaxation and possibly even some surfing.

Arriving in the late morning, with fairly pleasant weather and waves crashing into the coral reef in front of our hotel, we decided that the afternoon would be the perfect opportunity to do just this.

After a lot of consideration I decided that the coral reef in front of where we were staying wasn’t the best place to surf and decided to walk the 1km down the beach, to the next spot, which I understood was more surfer friendly.  After about getting halfway there, we reached a point that was cut off by the tide and which Amy wasn’t prepared to traverse with her baggage and in her flip flops, so we aborted.  

On our slow walk back to find somewhere to lounge in the sun I noticed a fun little shorebreak on the beach.  In the absence of any decent bodyboards to hire, I asked one of the surf schools about renting a skimboard - something I’d always wanted to try.  It was obviously and unusual request, but after the guy disappeared for 5 minutes on a moped he managed to source one.

I discovered quickly that skimboarding is far far harder than it looks.  Funnily enough though, I thought it was a safer option than surfing over a coral reef by myself.  As it happens, I managed to cut myself on the broken up coral on the beach anyway and needed to have my wounds doused with alcohol and dressed by the hotel staff that night.  The alcohol hurt more than the initial injury!  

I didn’t actually take any photos this day, so here’s one from the next day, when the hotel staff made our room up… A towel elephant!

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Towel elephant

I did get an iPhone shot of my wound after being bandaged up by the hotel, but please don't take this as any representation as to the standard of my photography 😉 

Coral Cuts

Although these shots were taken on my holiday, I shoot a wide range of subject matters and am available for booking.