Chris Kendall is a photographer from Yorkshire, UK. Although he specialises in Sport, he shoots in almost any situation. Also see who he has worked with and had work published by before.

Chris Kendall - Photographer & Videographer

Hi, I’m Chris.

I’ve been drawn to creating aesthetically pleasing images, in photo and video format, since my early teens. I’ve naturally developed a speciality shooting sports - particularly surfing, cycling and combat sports. My favourite thing about sports photography is that it incorporates many different styles under one umbrella - from live action, to portraiture and even some product photography. This has led to me developing a very varied skill set which has enabled me to shoot everything from weddings to corporate headshots.

I’ve provided services as a freelance photographer for a few years, alongside a day job; formally as a lawyer, but more recently as a marketing executive. Far from detracting from what I offer as a photographer, my experience as a lawyer has taught me the importance of customer care and the ability to work under pressure to strict deadlines. Now, as a Marketing Executive, I have a unique insight, in that I not only know how to produce high quality photographs - as you’d expect, from any good photographer - but I have a unique understanding of the next stage: how the image is likely to be used by my clients and received by their audience.

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