I treat my writing like I treat my photography; a creative outlet.

I enjoy writing and have written for many different organisations and publications. Often it acts as a vessel, to get my photos out into the world; but on other occasions, the writing is the focus - particularly in my day job, as a Marketing Executive for a law firm.     

Just like other forms of art, I believe that words can have a profound impact on their consumer; they can be a catalyst for positive, or negative change. So, as with my other creative endeavours, I always aim to purvey a positive message, that inspires, educates or motivates. 

How to  |  Improve Your Surf Photography

With high-quality cameras now becoming ubiquitous, I thought it would be nice to share some of the things I've learned about taking surf photography over the years.

Click here to improve your surf photography.

Story  |  Chris Froome: Human After All

When I was shooting the 2019 Tour de Yorkshire, a simple fan interaction I witnessed, between an elderly lady and a sports icon served as a real-life reminder about how our interactions have real implications on the lives of others. 

I had to share the story, in case others could reach the same realisation - especially as I had photos to accompany it!

Read the full article here.

Thoughts  |  Sport: A Guide to Living

Have you ever wondered why, in such a busy, fast-paced world, humans are so obsessed with something as arguably futile as a sport? I have...

Get inside my mind by clicking here.

Blog | Getting out of my comfort zone: Shooting the Ryedale Grand Prix 2019

Originally a blog, on an old iteration of my website, I wrote about my experience and strategy shooting the Ryedale Grand Prix, in 2019. 

Primarily intended as a way of sharing my photos, I wanted to do more than just tell a story; I wanted to offer some value to those prepared to read. 

By sharing some experiences and tactics that put me outside my comfort zone, I hopefully inspire others to take simple steps to do the same.

Click here to read the blog in full.

Tips  |  Fuelling Cold Water Surfing

An article I was asked to write for Tribe, a performance nutrition company, about how to fuel a cold water surf session. 

Whilst I'm no nutritionist, I do have many years of real experience fuelling cold water surf sessions in the North Sea, so it was nice to share a few of my own preferences. 

Read about fuelling a cold water surf session on Tribe's blog.

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