Legions Gym is the self-declared 'Home of Combat Sports'.

Founded in York by Dave Phillips and Al Chambers back in January 2011, it's fair to say they've far exceeded their aim of establishing a great place to train for everyone.

Fast forward to the present day, they are now home to a thriving community of fighters and fitness enthusiasts.

Their classes are relaxed but hard working and open to everyone; from beginners to active fighters. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Legions on a number of projects with their Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) group and their Amateur Boxing Club.

Legions Amateur Boxing Club (Legions ABC)

Legions have a thriving amateur boxing club, and regularly put on shows in York. Check out my albums from their shows.

At the shows where I've shot video for Legions' boxing shows, the footage is available to purchase via the gym.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Legions

I have also shot photos and video of the Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA - just not UFC, that's an organisation, not a sport!) which is headed up by Steve Coupland. 

A short video I shot showcasing the MMA classes at legions:

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