I consider myself a modern photographer. I not only embrace all of the software and technology available, but I love it. 

It fits really well with the photography I can offer in a number of ways. Sometimes we can use design, to create images that simply weren't possible, other times, it can be simply using images we create to incorporate them into your brand, for social media, or print.

Human (vs) Nature

Human (vs) nature is a four-part collection of images I designed to highlight the destructive impact that humans are having on the environment.

The images depict a potential future, if we do not turn the tide on pollution.

Click here to view the full Human Nature collection. Prints and commercial licenses are available. 

Spot the Bike 

Campaign for Pryers Solicitors

In my role as a Marketing Executive at Pryers Solicitors, I shot and designed a cycling safety campaign called 'Spot the Bike'.

Click here to see some of the designs I created for Pryers' campaign.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

This was more of a personal project - if you can call a one image edit a 'project'.

It's a shot I took of my brother at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. I love the composition in the original image, but the sports hall background didn't quite do it justice.

Check out the large version of the design.

Immersive Action

World Surf League Advert

The World Surf League stream all of their events online. I designed this based on an image I shot of Ace Buchan surfing in France.

It's a mock digital advert I created, to show what I can do, from creation to design.

It depicts how their content is available anywhere, anytime, but is nevertheless, super immersive. 

If at first you don't Succeed, Fake it!

As a photographer it's good to set out with a vision. Executing that vision is great, but when you're shooting live sports it's not always possible. But nowadays it's possible to recreate your vision afterwards, in Photoshop. 

This is a great example. I had a shot in mind at the Tour De Yorkshire a few days ahead, based on knowledge acquired from surfing in the area;I knew the tide times, the swell height and the route would coalesce to cause disruption. 

What you're looking at isn't the shot I got though. It's one I could have got. But nature didn't allow for it. So I put it together in Photoshop.

This image is available to buy as a print or download.

Bare Knuckle Barber

Promo for York International Tattoo Convention

I shot some photos and designed flyers for Joe 'Bare Knuckle Barber' Hinds to promote his appearance at York International Tattoo Convention.

Click here to see the collection of designs I created.


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